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Burmese Magic Mushrooms For Sale

Burmese Magic Mushrooms for sale are famously known for their above average potency. This shrooms is of the species Psilocybe Cubensis, a popular and fast growing specimen. This strain was first discovered by John W. Allen, an amateur ethnomycologiest who has discovered many strains of magic mushrooms around the world.

This strain was given to John W. Allen by one of his students in Burma and this strain can be traced back to that original strain. Users report Burmese Magic Mushrooms to have a strong high but with reduced amounts of deep insight. The effects of magic mushrooms will depend greatly on your set and setting and will differ from person to person. 

Burmese Magic Mushrooms are for the philosophers. The Burmese Mushroom is a deep thinker, and a steady Shroom. It is profound, and will send you on a trip of mellow self-discovery. A fun-lover, he likes to throw in wacky visuals and strong effects. He’s highly debated among psychonauts, but you’ll have to try him for yourself to see what’s in store! Burmese Magic Mushrooms for sale


Rumor has it the original Burmese strain was presented to the renowned ethnomycologist John Allen by a Thai student, who collected a sample from buffalo dung nearby the city of Rangoon.


Burmese Albino mushrooms are ideal for experienced psychonauts seeking a powerful strain to induce a transcendent experience. buy dried mushrooms online


Highly euphoric and visual with ample headspace for introspection and self-exploration.


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2 reviews for Burmese Albino

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    I didn’t order much this time but I guarantee you keep me a bigger package .

  2. Michael Holm

    To many who have doubts as I did before, today am dropping a review to confirm and testify that they are good reliable .

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